Thursday, May 1, 2014

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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Plans for this blog

Why Scratch?

Longevity Graphs

Retirement Income Scenarios

Video on Longevity

Savings and Income Scenario Settings

The X% Rule

Investment Returns and Inflation

RMD Accounts

Analyzing Multiple Scenarios

Year/Year Incomes

Present Values

Pricing Kernels 

Using the Scratch Software

    1)  go to

    2) click on the screen shot of the featured product.

    3) click the green flag

         To put Scratch in turbo mode, hold the shift key then click the green flag
         To see the program full-screen, click the icon in the upper left corner
         To select an item from the main menu, click the corresponding screen button
         To turn context-sensitive help on or off, press the keyboard up arrow key
         To return to the main menu, press the keyboard left arrow key
         The release date of the software will be included in the title (RIS-yyyymmdd)